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Our Copper River Red Sockeye Salmon is sold in 6 oz portions with skin on. May contain pin bones.

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Sockeye salmon are commonly referred to as Reds. They gets this name because of their vibrant red flesh.

We sell both Copper River Sockeye and Prince William Sound Sockeye. Read about the differences below:

Copper River Salmon is world famous. Known for its incredible rich tasting flesh from its high Omega 3 oil content, Copper River Sockeye is the first wild salmon to arrive to the markets of North America each spring. Harvested in the very dangerous waters of the Gulf of Alaska, these fish carry enough fuel in their bodies to make up to a 300 mile migration up this very powerful glacier fed river to the pristine spawning grounds in the mountains of interior Alaska. The story behind this fish, from how it is reared in the icy, fertile, waters of Alaska to how it is harvested, is what makes them so incredibly special. Consequently, each fish is treated with the respect it deserves so our customers can enjoy the quality product that it is.

Prince William Sound Sockeye is harvested in the icy, deep waters of Prince William Sound. These fish are like no other. Spawning in lakes surrounded by high glacier capped peaks in the fjords of Prince William Sound. These sockeye are high in Omega-3 content, have a firm deep red flesh and are deliciously mild and rich in flavor at the same time. Great on the bar-b-que, baked, pan seared or fixed however, this is our go to salmon that won’t disappoint any discriminating diet.

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