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Quarterly shipments of our wild Alaskan Seafood directly to you. Each quarter subscribers will receive a variety pack containing 10lbs-12lbs of our seafood. Our mission is to provide you the best value for your money. Packaged in portion-sized quantities.

Program cost is $225.00 for each quarterly shipment plus shipping and handling, if applicable.

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The Dock to Door Delivery subscription is similar to the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) model, it allows customers to become part of a network of individuals pledged to support local Alaska fishing families. This model allows you to buy fresh and wild Alaskan seafood directly from the Virgin Bay Seafood community of fisherman, avoiding distributors and retailers. This model focuses on high quality, sustainable fishing methods that support local communities and small business.

Virgin Bay Seafood’s work with smaller businesses results in stronger consumer-producer relationships, and allows the consumer access to higher quality food for their families. Wild Alaska Seafood is a nutritious and healthy way to support sustainable food models.

For more information about the fisherman you will be supporting with your Dock to Door subscription, check out our News page and sign up for our newsletter.

Our Dock to Door Delivery subscription model also allows us to offer a variety of products to our members, giving them the opportunity to try new types of seafood that are the freshest in the season. Recipes are included in each shipment, and are also available on our website to help you prepare this wonderful seafood goodness from the bountiful waters of Alaska!

If you live in the Nashville area, you can pick up your package and save the shipping and handling charges. Shipments will contain a variety of product. Our last shipment contained 2lbs. Sockeye Salmon, 2lbs. Coho Salmon, 1lb. Halibut, 1lb. Sablefish, 2lbs. Pacific Cod, 1.25lbs. Weathervane scallops, and 1lb. ground Coho Salmon. Each shipment will differ based on what product is freshest at the time.

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