Looking for some recipe ideas for preparing your fresh and wild Alaska Seafood?

Look no further, we’ve been preparing seafood in various forms for years and these recipes represent years of trial and error, sometimes fortunate mistakes, and often a way to create delicious alternatives for leftovers and interesting winter and summer dishes that are as nutritious and fresh as our Alaskan seafood.

If you’re following a pescatarian diet (doesn’t eat meat but does eat fish), looking to add more heart-healthy fats, or just love wild seafood, our recipes and products will have a variety of options for you.

  • wild alaska salmon couscous
    Summer Couscous Salmon Salad
  • fish meatballs
    Legendary Alaska Salmon Puppies
  • Sablefish or Black Cod Asian Marinade
  • wild alaska salmon with capers and lemon
    Lemon and Capers Salmon
  • halibut with Old bay
    Baked Lemon and Orange Halibut
  • Barb's Salmon Croquettes
  • smoked salmon dip
    Salmon Dip
  • salmon chowder
    Salmon Chowder
  • virgin bay seafood alaska sablefish prepared
    Sesame Ginger Salmon
  • Lemon Dill Butter Grilled Salmon
  • salmon and seafood recipees
    Honey Dijon Alaska Salmon
  • bronzed salmon
    Bronzed Alaska Salmon
  • salmon ciabatta sandwich
    Alaska Salmon Ciabatta Sandwich
  • halibut with Old bay
    Alaska Salmon with Shoyu Tarragon Sauce
  • alaska halibut bites virgin bay seafood
    Pistachio Crusted Halibut Bites
  • rice paper wrapped salmon rolls virgin bay seafood alaska
    Rice Paper Wrapped Salmon Rolls
  • alaska halibut caprese salad bites
    Alaska Halibut Caprese Bites
  • alaska sockeye salmon bites
    Alaska Sockeye Salmon Bites
  • Lingcod with Avocado Corn Salsa