Grilling Wild Alaska Salmon Fillets By “Chef” Mike Stoltz

“How I do it. This works for me so maybe you can give it a try.”

All wild Alaska salmon tastes great when properly handled from the moment of catch until it goes to the grill, pan or oven. The most common error we all make when grilling salmon is overcooking.

I will outline below my very basic grilling tips for cooking our beautiful wild Salmon.

(Hover over a picture below to see which tip will be outlined in each section)

  • wild alaska salmon cooking method on the stovetop
    On the Stovetop
  • On the Stovetop and finished in the oven  (my favorite way)
  • salmon on the BBQ grill
    On the Grill: Method 1
  • wild alaska salmon with capers and lemon
    On the Grill: Method 2