Where You Can Find Us: We’d Love To See You!

You can find Virgin Bay Seafood’s truck at one of our many farmer’s markets or retail locations.

Check out our schedule below!


Farmer’s Market Locations

Retail Locations

Virgin Bay Seafood proudly supplies its products to these fine retail locations.

Herban Market

“We provide our community and local families with a truly, healthy resource for clean food. Everything in the store will be free of GMOs, artificial coloring, artificial sweeteners, and chemicals. We get it. Life is Busy. At Herban Market, we’ve taken the burden on ourselves to research the products, ingredients, and sourcing. We help Moms and Dads so they don’t have to spend countless hours researching every. single. ingredient. We’ve already done it. If we wouldn’t feed it to our family, it won’t be in the store. Period.”

-Ashley & Matt Hogancamp


Porter Road Butcher

“Porter Road Butcher is a neighborhood butcher shop determined to provide Nashville with the highest quality products. We serve local, grass fed meats and other fine local and regional products. We hand cut all of our meats and make our products with fresh ingredients. Our goal at Porter Road Butcher is to make every one of our guests healthier and happier with fresh local products.”


Hendersonville Produce

“We focus on supporting our local farmers and producers right here in the Nashville area. We love our community and feel the best way to strengthen it is to work together to bring great products from great people to a larger community. Hendersonville Produce is nothing without these local heroes and we are so thankful for all that they are and do. And we’re blessed to be an outlet for them to provide their products to people who love them and understand the care with which they are raised, prepared, made or farmed.”


The Produce Place

“At The Produce Place our mission is to deliver the absolute best taste and best flavor  to you that we can for each day! We take pride in our produce, our relationships with the farmers and vendors and the products we sell here at the store! We would love to help you find something you’re looking for, answer any questions you may have or even help you pick out that perfect ingredient! Thank you for visiting with us! We look forward to sharing our produce with you!”



“We provide subscribers with an omnivore’s diet of locally grown, organic and biodynamic vegetables, locally pastured (and grass-fed) meats, sustainable seafood & artisanal local food items, carefully curated with all the right supplemental ingredients for inspiring meals. ”



“Our standards start with quality sourcing.  We partnered up with Tennessee Farms to produce the highest quality meals. We also work with Nashville Natives whom reside in Alaska, but offer wild-caught fish to Tennessee residents. The taste is night and day with our quality, farm fresh meals compared to your standard grocery bought food. We take pride in helping our customers put real food in their bodies.”


Retail Locations