On the Stovetop and finished in the oven  (my favorite way)

1) Thaw and rinse the fish, if necessary (read more about thawing techniques here).

2) Season the fish with your seasonings of choice, preferably 15 -30 minutes ahead of time.

3) Heat your skillet to high heat, Spray with no stick or use a little canola. Place the fish flesh side down for 2-3 minute – until it is seared to your liking. Turn the fish over to skin side down.

4) Remove pan from heat. At this point you may want to baste the fish with your favorite concoction. Maybe lemon garlic and dill butter with a splash of white wine, or spread some chipotle mayo on top, or just squeeze lemon juice over the top. Sometimes less is more. Remember the fish is still cooking so we want to move fast at this point.

5) Transfer to skillet to an oven pre heated to 400F. I use the convection bake setting. Let the fish cook in the oven for 3 more minutes. If the portion is thicker then maybe four more minutes max. Again, it may vary depending on your oven, type of pan, and size/thickness of the fillet.