Our fishing techniques provide the freshest, healthiest seafood for your family.

Virgin Bay Seafood utilizes gillnetting and trolling fishing techniques.

Trolling is a fishing technique that uses hook and line to catch each fish individually. When the fishermen catch a fish, it is pulled on board, bled, and gutted within mere minutes of being caught.  These fish are then cooled down in slush ice, and brought directly to a shore based processing plant where it is filleted, bones removed, vacuum-sealed and blast frozen.

Gillnetting is a harvesting technique employing fine-filament nets that are set like a giant badminton net across the path of migrating salmon. The top edge is held up by floats, and the bottom is pulled down by a heavy lead line forming a wall in the water that entangles fish by their gills. Drift gillnets are lowered off the stern or bow of a boat and allowed to drift freely in deep water, entangling fish that swim into them. A single “set” may last anywhere from a few minutes to the better part of a day, depending on currents, the weather, and the number of fish being caught. The net is slowly pulled in when the floats along the top begin to jiggle vigorously. The entangled fish are pulled up and shaken out of the net and then thrown into the hold. The net is then reset, and the process begins again.

Our fish is “once frozen” meaning it does not thaw again until you pull it out of your freezer at home. The way our salmon is caught and processed is what sets us apart from other fisherman. We consider this technique to be more humane and sustainable, and provides a higher quality product to our customers.

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