How can I get Virgin Bay Seafood salmon every day of the year?

It is as simple as ordering online or picking up the phone. In the Contact section of the website you can access our email or phone number. After you contact us, our local representatives will work out delivery or pick up in the Nashville/Franklin area, or arrange shipping to your door.

In addition, owners Mike and Cathy make quarterly trips to the Nashville area to meet our customers and bring new Fresh Alaskan Seafood products to the area. We would like the opportunity to meet you and share the quality of this beautiful product during our visit. If you would like to set up an appointment in advance, please let us know what would be convenient for you and we can work out time to visit with you during our next scheduled trip to Nashville.

You can also visit the Virgin Bay Seafood truck at one of our local events in the Nashville area. Check out our Schedule page to see which farmer’s markets near you will offer an opportunity to buy some Wild Alaska Seafood.

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