On the BBQ: Method 1

Thaw as described here, then rinse the fish if necessary and season to your liking.

Method#1: Portions of fillets on the grill

1) Heat a clean Grill to High heat. I use a Weber and turn all burners to high setting. When grill is really hot then I apply canola to the surface with a paper towel, or I spray it with no-stick. Just don’t light yourself on fire.

2) Place fillet flesh side down. I like to lay it at a 45 degree angle across the grate. Leave the lid open. After about a minute or two, pick up the fillet with tongs and rotate it in the opposite direction so it lays at a 45 degree angle in the other direction. This way you get very fancy looking diamond shaped grill marks on the flesh. (Maybe you’ll impress your guests?)

3) After 2 more minutes it is ready to turn over to skin side down. Baste it at this point if you want to. Let it cook about two more minutes – that should finish it on most grills. However, you may need to check for doneness until you have your grill figured out. You can do this by using a fork to test for a translucent middle. Just slightly undercooked is my favorite way.